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...Some New Brunswick trivia...

- home to 100,000 deer, 17,000 Black bear, 25,000 Moose - a hunter's paradise!
- NEW! CrossBow hunting is now permitted along with Bow, Rifle and Muzzleloaders!
- Bay of Fundy, summer home of the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale!
- Highest, wildest tides in the world ( to 65')
- Warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia
- Legendary Atlantic Salmon angling on the world-famous Miramichi River
- More kinds of whales more often that anywhere else
- Machias Seal Island is home to 900 pairs of breeding Atlantic puffins
- Kings County is the Covered bridge capital of Canada
- Experience Acadian heritage - live and savour this bilingual experience
- Walk on the Ocean Floor
- Possibly the world's largest whirlpool (Old Sow) - seen off Deer Island
- Eastern seaboard's newest scenic drive touring network
- Mount Carleton is the Maritime's highest peak
- Outdoor adventure second to none
- New Brunswick Winters are Pure White Gold
- More than 1,000 kilometres of cross-country ski trails
- 9,000 kilometres of unbelievable snowmobile trails
- Annual snowfall from 300 to 400 centimetres
- One of the longest snowmobiling seasons south of the Arctic
- Whale watching boat tours to see Right, Minke, Humpback, Sei & Finback whales
- Best snow conditions in Atlantic Canada
- Best snowfall in the Maritimes...guaranteeing a great time, every time.
- Brightest light in the Atlantic salmon world
- 50 Smallmouth Bass a day in prime time
- Fishing boats bobbing along the wharf- six hours later on the ocean floor
- The Appalachian Range, north America's oldest mountains
- Great big-game hunting (Moose, Bear, Deer) with Gun, Bow, Muzzleloader and CrossBow
- Excellent upland hunting - in the Woodcock migratory route
- U.S, dollars go further here... now that's great value!
- Well organized system of hunting/fishing outfitters
- Fresh, clean air and unspoiled nature - a family delight!
- Outdoor Adventures galore in the Bay of Fundy (whales/scuba/birding/tours)
- World class Trophy sized Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi & Nepisiguit
- Seafood...seafood...seafood and hospitality!
- Winter activities make N.B.'s snow "White Gold"!
- N.B.'s "Outdoor Network" - only fully rated system of outdoor experiences in Canada!

You will want to come back again!!

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