Skijoring Adventures..
Skijoring is a newer pastime for North America but has existed for many centuries in the Scandinavian countries! Originally an effective means of transportation between villages, this marriage of man-on-skiis and sled dog has developed into a fun activity - another way to experience the beauty and tranquillity of the New Brunswick winter! In olden days, other animals such as reindeer, caribou, elk and horses were also used for "horsepower" but the dog remains as the "puller" of choice! Suitably dressed, this day adventure allows you and your family to transport yourself back, before engines and modern conveniences, to a time when man existed by his wits and ingenuity! Fast, fun and environmentally aware, this Day Adventure is one you must try!

Tay Ridge Farm
Tay Creek
Skijoring, dogsledding, B&B

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